Benn, Johnson face ban

Benn, Johnson face ban

Aussie, WI players involved in on-field drama

Benn, Johnson face ban

The drama began when West Indies spinner Benn and Johnson collided as the Australian set off towards the keeper’s end for a single and Benn tried to field the ball off Haddin.

As Johnson crossed Benn’s path, the bowler grabbed his arm and shirt. Haddin was incensed and, as the single was completed, he thrust his bat towards Benn complaining about the contact.
“Don’t push your f—-ing bat at me, man,” Benn then yelled at Haddin, who replied: “Get back and bowl.”

Windies captain Chris Gayle calmed Benn down as the umpires intervened. On the final ball of the over, Haddin drove straight back to Benn who shaped up to fire the ball back at him and Haddin jumped out of the way.

Benn then charged down the pitch pointing at Haddin and in that motion his elbow hit the side of Johnson’s helmet. Johnson pushed Benn away before umpire Blly Bowden intervened. The three players have already received a rebuke from the chairman of Cricket Australia, Jack Clarke, who described their conduct during and after the explosive over after lunch as unacceptable, and further punishment awaits from the ICC match referee, Chris Broad.

“No one wants to see that. Terrible,” said Clarke, who caught the second stage of the confrontation from the President’s Room at the WACA Ground, was quoted as saying in ‘Sydney Morning Herald’.

“It (physical contact) is an absolute no-no. We all accept that.”
If either Johnson or Benn is convicted of making inappropriate physical contact under the ICC code of conduct, they can be fined 100 per cent of their match fee (in the Australian’s case, $13,250) or banned for one Test.
Haddin cannot be found guilty on that charge but he arguably inflamed the situation, and stepped into something that didn’t involve him, by pushing his bat angrily in Benn’s direction, provoking the spinner.