Central character of 'Creature' has more screen space: Vikram

Central character of 'Creature' has more screen space: Vikram

Central character of 'Creature' has more screen space: Vikram

Director Vikram Bhatt says his upcoming monster sci-fi adventure film 'Creature' will have more screen presence of the central character than it has usually been in such films.

The horror film is somewhat like 'Jurassic Park'.

"Lot of filmmakers have tried to con audience by doing steady cam shots showing as if the creature is coming and at the end of it, they show either the tail or one hand. But in this film when the creature comes, he stays and he is there as a character, he is very much visible.

'Creature' has more screen time than the dinosaur had in 'Jurassic Park'," Vikram told reporters here last evening at the trailer launch of the film.

'Jurassic Park', the landmark Hollywood film on dinosaurs, was a 1993 science fiction adventure directed by Steven Spielberg.
 The film was centred on the fictional Isla Nublar near Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, where a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists create a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs.

"I can proudly say that with 'Creature' we have been, if not better, at least on par with any Hollywood studio. We have one hour of creature sequences in the film for a two-hour film. The idea is to give the audience a lot more," he said.

"The creature films in the West are made of the basis of scientific reasons like genetic mutation or change of chemical. But our creature is based on mythology...it is a character taken from our old stories," he said.

Talking about the character 'Creature', Vikram says he is almost 500 years old and nobody and nothing is able to kill him...let's see if he stays that way or not.'Creature' is Vikram's fourth film to be shot in 3D and he feels more at home with this format now than 2D.

"This is my fourth film after 'Raaz', 'Haunted' and 'Dangerous Ishq' (in 3D). I am finding myself more at home in 3D than 2D. If I see a colleague shooting in 2D, I feel there is some problem. I am very comfortable with it (3D)," he said.

The film stars Bipasha Basu in the lead and this is the third time that Vikram and Bipasha have teamed up after 'Raaz' and 'Raaz 3'.

"I think she has belief in my crazy schemes when nobody else has. When I told Bipasha I want to make a 'Creature' film, she said wow let's do it. I am always trying to do something different...you need an actress like Bipasha who is willing to trust your dream and aspiration," he added.