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Last Updated 18 July 2014, 14:10 IST

Are you hungry and confused? Here is a place to satiate your cravings. Artistically-designed on a bright green board, ‘Desi Vdesi’ is sure to catch your eye and the food here is sure to make you hungry. The idea behind ‘Desi Vdesi’ is to ‘offer both desi and videsi food. 

“In desi, we have different varieties of paratha, in videsi category, we have burgers, sandwiches, momos and french fries,” says the owner of the place, Yasir Mani. The eatery represents vegetarianism though its theme colour, which is green.

The service is pretty fast and the food is hygienic too. A few plastic stools are placed in the eatery for people to relax and have a quick bite. ‘Desi Vdesi’ has been around seven months and it’s a hot spot in Shantinagar. Opt for anything from the menu and you are sure to get your money’s worth. 

The place has a variety of parathas— aloo, methi, gobi, sattu and aloo paneer. The parathas are served with curd and pickles. “The best part about this place is that it is reasonable, filling and tasty,” says Paul, a customer.

“When it comes to burgers, I bet you could swear on this place. It’s better than McDonalds as it offers more variety, be it herb chilli potato burger, schezwan veggie burger, wedges chilly burger or spicy momo burger.

If rolls are your staple, then ‘Desi Vdesi’ is sure to make you happy with its hot and tasty rolls, ranging from aloo paneer roll, paneer bhurji roll, and malai kofta roll. 

“I love the rolls here as they are made up of wheat and not maida. With just one mix veg roll, I’m good to go for the next few hours,” says Shruthi, a college student.

If you are a veggie and a die-hard junkie, this is a great place as it offers French fries, chilly garlic potato pops, rosti round, and potato wedges. “I’m a regular customer here and my favourite items are aloo paratha and french fries,” says Karunesh, another customer.

But nothing beats the steaming momos. These are fresh, soft and delicious. Don’t forget to dip those heavenly corn momos in the tomato dip before popping them into your mouth. After a sumptuous meal, ‘Desi Vdesi’ also satisfies your sweet tooth with a wide range of mouth-watering kulfis like kesar badam, dry fruit, mango malai and litchi ones.  

What’s unique about ‘Desi Vdesi’ is that it has a number of flavours of ‘lemonees’ like strawberry lime soda, black currant lime soda, kalakhatta, green apple, and green mango lime soda.

“‘Lemonees’ is our new experiment. Most juice centres do not offer ‘lemonees’ but here we have 14 different kinds and all for just Rs 20 only,” adds Yasir with a broad smile.

Pick any category and ‘Desi Vdesi’ has something unique and new to offer and tickle your taste buds. We cater to all kinds of customers — from students and the middle-aged to old people,” says Yasir Mani proudly.

(Published 18 July 2014, 14:10 IST)

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