Private schools seek fee hike to implement safety guidelines

Private schools seek fee hike to implement safety guidelines

Managements of private schools in the City have requested the State government to allow them to increase the existing school fee by 20 per cent so that they can implement the new safety measures as directed by the Bangalore Police Commissioner.

“To put in place all these additional measures, a lot of money would be required. While CCTV cameras and GPS facilities in school vans would cost us no less than Rs 20,000. To have additional exit doors, our bills would be over Rs 20,000. We also need extra time for the same and request parents to bear 50 per cent of the costs," said L R Shivarame Gowda, President, Karnataka Private Schools Joint Action Committee. 

In addition to seeking permission for an increase in fee by 20 per cent, he also proposed that the fee for students under RTE quota given by the government be increased from the existing Rs 11,848 to Rs 20,000. “It is not ideal that all schools are meted similar treatment considering the Vibgyor High case. Also, not many schools are in good financial state to afford these. Thus, it has become essential for us to seek permission for increasing the fee,” Gowda added.

Stating that most schools already have CCTV cameras in the main entrance, he said that it would be impossible to have one in each room. “Who will bear these expenses,” he questioned.

Gowda claimed that the opinion of private schools was not sought before deciding the 11 new norms. He said that both the education department and police had to re-consider the decision looking into the issues.

Opposing the new rule that drivers must not be allowed to enter school premises, he said instead police patrolling has to be increased during these hours.