No one should comment without knowing facts:Victim

No one should comment without knowing facts:Victim

No one should comment without knowing facts:Victim

The Mumbai-based model who has filed a complaint of rape against senior IPS officer Sunil Paraskar hit out at the Shiv Sena this morning over the editorial in its mouthpiece `Saamana', saying that a comment should not be made in such cases without knowing the facts.

"This matter is in the court, no one should be commenting in sensitive matters like this without knowing all the facts," the victim said, speaking to PTI.

She also said that Paraskar should produce evidence rather than making public the emails sent by her to him.

"Paraskar should provide the evidence (in his defence) to the media rather than showing the mails where I abused him or said that I will file an FIR against him. What do you expect from a girl who had been raped? Should she give respect to the guy who rapes her?" she said.

As to the Saamana editorial's point about delay of six months in filing of FIR, the victim said Paraskar's post in the police force  at the time of the incident stopped her from immediately filing a complaint.

"Yes it took me time to go to the police. He was an additional commissioner at the time, I knew (about) his power, even today he is taking support from Shiv Sena and others. I have all the mails where I told him what he has done with me and there was no response from his end," she added.

If Paraskar was really innocent, he should have forthwith registered an FIR against her for defamation, she said. "Why did his wife call me while I was sitting outside the police commissioner's office? Why did all his drivers recognise me while I was there?" she added.

Saamana said in today's editorial that filing cases of rape or molestation "to create a hype" had now become "a fashion" and it had become "a weapon to seek personal revenge".