Two silver for India's marksmen

Two silver for India's marksmen

The Indian senior team comprising Zakir Khan (578), Omkar Singh (577) and Samresh Jung (567) tallied 1722 points to claim silver behind China, who tallied 1733.
Overall, Omkar was fourth in the individual category while Zakir finished sixth. Jung didn’t figure in the top eight.

In the junior division, the team of Farooq Ali (571), Amit Kumar (567) and Sikander Mann (559) picked up silver with a total of 1697.

The gold again went to China (1730). South Korea claimed the bronze with 1693.
In the youth group, India’s best bet Digvijay Singh shot 557 to finish well outside the top eight.

A lot was expected from the young Indian who has showed a lot of promise in the recent days, but he just could not sustain the pressure.

He also failed to clinch a quota place for next year’s Youth Olympics.
Results (air pistol): Men: Team: China, 1733, 1; India (Zakir Khan 578, Omkar Singh 577, Samresh Jung 567) 1722, 2; Iran, 1719, 3.

Junior: Team: China, 1730, 1; India (Farooq Ali 571, Amit Kumar 567, Sikander Mann 559) 1697, 2; South Korea, 1693, 3.