Govt rejects KPSC 2011 selection list

Govt rejects KPSC 2011 selection list

362 candidates told to take fresh exam

Govt rejects KPSC 2011 selection list

The State Cabinet on Thursday rejected the final list of 362 candidates selected by the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) for the posts of Group A and B gazetted probationers notified in 2011, after admitting to rampant corruption in the selection process as investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). 

Speaking to reporters after the Cabinet meeting, Law Minister T B Jayachandra said the government wanted to send a “strong message” that it would not tolerate corruption and malpractices in the examination system of the public service commission.

The KPSC had announced the list of 362 selected candidates in June 2013. He also termed the decision of the Cabinet historical. 

Jayachandra said the KPSC will be directed to conduct the 2011 examination afresh by following the systems and procedures recommended by the P C Hota Committee, constituted to suggest changes to ensure accountability and transparency in the recruitment process. 

As many as one lakh candidates had appeared for the 2011 examination for the posts of Group A and B gazetted probationers. Jayachandra said all the candidates may apply afresh and those who have crossed the age limit would be given an exemption when the KPSC holds the 2011 exam. 

Jayachandra said the government sympathised with candidates who were not involved in the scam, yet had no option but to declare the entire selection list null and void to send a message that the KPSC examination system needs to be cleansed. The minister pointed out that the CID had confirmed large scale malpractice, corruption and favouritism in the selection process.

It had submitted a 26-volume report to the government highlighting the malpractices. The CID has filed chargesheet against six KPSC officials, including former KPSC chairman Gonal Bhimappa. KPSC member Mangala Sridhar had been suspended by former governor H R Bhardwaj for her alleged involvement in the scam, Jayachandra said.

The KPSC will have to announce the dates of the fresh examination in the coming weeks, to be held as per the recommendations of Hota committee. The committee recommended that interviews be held by a board headed by a chairman or senior KPSC member and comprising experts from IIM, IISc, VTU and reputed universities. 

Candidates are to be allotted to a particular board by draw of lots on the morning of the interview.

Interviews will be held for minimum 30 minutes and not more than nine candidates will be interviewed every day. The panel also recommended that a chairperson and four members each allot marks separately.

The scam came to light after a candidate, Dr H P S Mythri, complained that she had been receiving calls urging her to pay Rs 70 lakh if she wished to clear the interview stage.