KPSC candidates left with few options

KPSC candidates left with few options

With the State government rejecting the KPSC selection list, candidates selected for the posts of gazetted probationers might not be left with many options, except legal ones. But they are hesitant to go for it.

The protesting candidates are sure enough that they will not act in haste against the government decision.

“We do not know what next. We hope that the government reconsiders the decision. We cannot go for legal recourse, as not many candidates are economically strong to sustain the long legal battle. Moreover, many women candidates (of the selected 120) are already in their 30s. Legal action is not advisable,” said C S Dwarakanath, former chairman, Backward Classes Commission and well-known advocate, who has taken up the cause of the candidates.

Lashing out at the State government, Dwarakanath said that the government action comes in the wake of the CID report and the legal opinion. 

“The government’s opinion is based on the report of the organisation which functions under it. How can the government rely on this? Has the CID indicted all 362 candidates? Even the report submitted to the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal expresses suspicion against just seven candidates (only two per cent of the total number of candidates). Why are the other 98 per cent of the candidates punished?” he said.

He said that it makes a good case if legally challenged. Dwarakanath pointed to some of the Supreme Court judgments which said that in such situations, it is the duty of the government to segregate the corrupt and genuine candidates, rather than quashing the entire list. 

Pointing out that the CID report is just an allegation, he said, “What is the material the government has to arrive at such a decision? There is neither a raid on the house of any member nor any evidence is secured nor any accused is produced before the Court.” He alleged that it is not the cabinet decision, but a unilateral decision taken by the chief minister.