Not actor's special

Not actor's special

Backing Off

Not actor's special

His reason for having walked out of the project is totally different.

He says Director’s Special is a very big responsibility, “My character demands a lot from my side and I am not eligible enough to give in so much. I am not that well versed. As this movie works on a very wide canvas, I will not be able to do any justice to it.”

He added, “An artist should co-operate completely with the director and he should support him in every manner possible, I am not in a position to support him that well for my role.”
Komal admitted that he is not confident enough to enact his role successfully and feels he is not the right man for this movie.

He says “Director Guruprasad trusts me a lot and I don’t want to hurt him by not doing a good job in the movie. Once I go wrong, it will leave a black mark in my career for which I am not ready.”

At the same time, he also says, “Now that I am out of the project, it’s not the director who is losing out but me. He is a very good director.”

 Komal also stressed that he does not want to get into any controversies as he is a very sensitive person.

Currently he is working in Veera as an international don, in Appu Pappu, he is an
Orangutan trainer.

He is also working in Lift Kodla with brother Jaggesh.  

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