Inviting gestures...

Inviting gestures...

Inviting gestures...

Our culture directs us to treat guests as gods. So, why not make our guests feel special and pampered in our homes, asks A Varsha Rao.

We all have guests coming down to our homes at some festivals or family events. Our home needs to accommodate the extra footfalls, and also ensure that the guests enjoy their stay. So, how do we make our guest’s stay comfortable and stress-free? Here are some ideas for a guest room in your home:

Allocating a space

Depending on the frequency of guests visiting your abode, allocate a separate area for your guests. It could be a room altogether or a storage room altered into a guest room. 

If it’s a separate room, then make sure you have the basics of the room ready. The room should have a clean coat of paint and there should be no chipping on the floor or the walls. Ensure that the fans and the lights work properly. 

A guest room should have sufficient storage space. If the room has an attached bathroom, check the water faucets and taps for any leakage. 

If you cannot afford to have a separate room for guests, you can convert a storage room into a guest’s haven, for which you have to creatively hide all the storage accessories and spaces. Just install a bed in this room and you are set to roll.


All a guest room needs in terms of furniture are a bed, preferably queen-sized, and if space allows, a king-sized bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe. Two single beds can also be used in the room. Separate the two beds by a chest of drawers or a coffee table.  You don’t have to indulge in expensive furniture items for this space. As long as you keep it simple and basic, it serves the purpose. But, if you are game for some extra effect, you can add some more furniture like a small seating area comprising of a small coffee table with two chairs in front of the bed. It all depends on the kind of space and budget you have.


Guest rooms are all about accessories. You can bring in some cost-effective yet trendy accessories. Firstly, take care of all the basic necessities like towels, soaps, tissues, bedspreads and covers. Create a small area just for all these necessities. The guest room should always have a stock of fresh towels as the lack of them can leave a bad taste. Make sure that your guests don’t have to run to a store every time they need something basic.

Bring in a magazine and luggage rack and a laundry bag for easy access. These are some little things that greatly enhance the experience of your guest’s stay.

A dash of sophistication

For luxury-lovers, a guest room can be a wonderful playground. Invest in some colourful bedspreads and curtains to up the ante. Go in for a bed that has an interesting headboard for an easy fix-up. You can also get some paintings for the wall behind the bed. 

A guest room should feel inviting and warm. Proper lighting can guarantee that effect. Adding an antique dressing table and a decorative mirror above it raises the level of the overall decor. 

If you are in the mood to indulge, go in for Egyptian cotton towels and bedspreads for the room. Get some aromatic soaps or body scrubs to make your guests feel special. You can also run an entire theme across the guest room to make it more appealing. Coastal, vintage, contemporary and modern — all suit guest rooms beautifully. If you are a big fan of colours, then choose a combination of complementary colours for the guest room. 

Colour palette for guest rooms should ooze comfort, cosiness and warmth. So, go in for soft shades of lemon, orange and blue to render the space inviting. Brighter hues of red, green and yellow also work in guest rooms. 

Not just for them

A guest room doesn’t necessarily have to be just for guests. You can use that space for yourself also. For instance, you can place your washing machine in the guest room, and also store all the items that you don’t use frequently in this room. It helps reduce the clutter in the main areas of the house.

Guest rooms are not a total necessity. But, if you have the space, budget and the liking for an exclusive area, you can invest in one. 

It could also be an escape for you from your boring schedule and usual bedrooms. After a hard day at work, you can relax and refresh yourself in this special oasis.