'Modelling comes naturally to me'

'Modelling comes naturally to me'

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'Modelling comes naturally to me'

Ushoshi Sengupta, who represented India in the ‘2010 Miss Universe’ pageant in Las Vegas is on the path to a bright future. She was in the City recently and had a chat with Metrolife.

 “I intend to get into the film industry some time soon.

Right now, I am emceeing and hosting a lot of shows, but there is something coming up soon. I also have a couple of offers for movies back in Kolkata,” says Ushoshi.  When asked if this means the end of her modelling career, she says, “Modelling comes naturally to me. I can just sleepwalk in my heels. Getting into acting will take a little bit of training so I want to groom myself before I actually take the plunge. Being a model is so much easier when compared to being an actor. From the time I have known myself, I wanted to be a ‘Miss India’ model, so walking in heels, wearing designer clothes and posing for the camera come naturally to me.”  She adds, “I come from a film background — my grandfather was a National-Award winning editor.”

What does fashion mean to the young fashionista? “Anything that makes you feel comfortable, be it a sari or a swimsuit. I either dress up for the red carpet or like I’m a homeless person, there is no in-between for me. Being a Bengali, I wear a lot of saris.” She also likes to wear nice lip colours. “I generally go with minimal accessories, but a bold lip colour saves me from putting on a lot of make-up. Apart from that, I like to wear a huge neck piece to act as a camouflage.” 

She wanted to be a model because she gets to wear nice clothes and look pretty. “Who doesn’t want to get paid for looking pretty? Some of my designer friends are very sweet to me so my closet is full of outfits from all of them. It also gives you a chance to travel and explore so much. There is nothing like experiencing different things,” she says. 

“It’s been five years since I began modelling back in Kolkata. I was walking one day to college and one of my friends, who is a make-up artiste, called me to his studio. After that, one thing led to another and I was heading off to Las Vegas for ‘Miss Universe’,” reminisces the model. She adds that the fashion industry has been very kind to her.