Poetry in motion...

Poetry in motion...

Janmashtami celebrations

It was indeed a very promising evening replete with all the aspects of art, culture, festivity and folklore.

 Celebrating the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, veteran Kathak dancer Uma Sharma and group organised a ‘Nritya Abhinaya’ at India International Center, recently. She recreated Krishna Raas Leela on the poetry of Gopal Das Neeraj. 

Her splendid performance was based on thumri – a semi classical music composition extensively covering a wide range of emotions, expressions and episodes from the Lord Krishna’s life. Performing Raas Leela for the last 30 years, her performance was a treat to watch. 

And this year, she presented Krishna Raas Leela in Kathak and Brij raas style. Talking to Metrolife about her experience, Sharma, said, “It is a ritual and I actually look forward to perform different renditions of the same classic story every year. This year too I had a great experience performing Raas Leela on the poems by Gopal Das Neeraj. It is a difficult act because giving proper emotions and facial expressions on poems can be very challenging.”

“Looking at reactions of the audience, I can say that my performance was well appreciated. They were actually spellbound,” added Sharma. Everything about her choreography was next to perfection. Her movements displayed a fluidity that was both graceful and refined.

To keep up with the changing times, Sharma had also performed on the verses from various poets like Ras Khan and Rumi and incorporated flute as a major base of the performance.

Sharma also performed on the 10th Chapter of Bhagvad Geeta and presented it in the form of dance-drama with her disciples on the tune of Tujh sang preet lagayi, umar bhar neend na aayi.

Padmabhushan Dr Gopal Das Neeraj, a renowned Hindi poet has also given lyrics to a number of popular films of many famous actors including Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor. One of his popular poems used in a film is Radha ne maala japi Shyam ki sung by Lata Mangeshkar.