Tough measures on corruption soon: PM

Tough measures on corruption soon: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the Central government would soon initiate tough measures to eliminate corruption.

Speaking at the foundation stone-laying ceremony for a section of a National Highway in Haryana, he said, “Corruption is dangerous, and spreading more dangerously than cancer.

It is destroying the country. Strong steps are needed to eradicate it... The country is not willing to tolerate such evil for long.”

Th prime minister said paying bribes and getting away with poor quality work would not be tolerated.

“The culture of contractors using anything to put up a black top on roads, and these getting washed away in the first showers, will not work. Getting away after bribery will have to be checked,” he added.

He countered the criticism from some corners that he had not mentioned corruption in his first Independence Day address at the Red Fort in New Delhi.

“Some people said I did not say anything about corruption in my address on Independence Day. Let me remind them, I had talked about the 'mera kya' (What about me), 'mujhe kya' (It does not concern me) culture of corruption, which has ruined this country. This has to change now,” he said.

“You tell me if we should take tough measures against it (corruption). I need your blessings. With your blessings, I will rid the country of this disease,” said Modi.

He also warned those indulging in corruption.

Modi brought up the issue of development as well. “A nation which has to follow the path of development gives priority to its infrastructure like railways, airports and roads,” he said.

Modi added that it was important to connect rural and urban India with optical-fibre network, gas, water and power grids, and provide better infrastructure to the people.