In a happy state of life

In a happy state of life


I am unfazed by success or failure because in a career of 15 years, which not too many actresses have had, I have been at this position for a long time. I’m quite content,” says the actor with a smile.

 Putting to rest all allegations of having chosen commercial cinema over critical, Kareena Kapoor Khan sounds happy to be in the state that she is in at present. 

One knows for a fact that the actor in question has had her share of struggle. Remind her of the times when she stood drenched in water for hours to shoot a scene for Chameli and she admits that she believes in working hard. “I’m an actor and we live in a country where we are allowed freedom of speech. We are free to criticise, to appreciate, to love and to hate as well. I live my life by that policy,” she says moving gradually to the present where she has entered another phase. “I am married and quite unaffected by things other than that. I love acting, it is my passion and inshahallah I hope to do it till I die.” 

One senses her passion but feels compelled to ask about her choices. “It’s really nice to say you want to do meaningful cinema. For me, cinema is a form of entertainment and I have always tried to entertain my audiences. As and when I like a script which challenges me, I will do it but not for the sake of it being meaningful. It’s about working in films that people like to enjoy watching.” She presents her stand referring to her past works, “It is more challenging to do commercial cinema because when you are a star and an actor, you have to balance it out. I am very proud of the fact that I am a part of commercial successes.”

“Even an Iron Man requires a Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson is also a part of The Avengers. I don’t understand why everybody is like ‘the cameras have to be on me’? I will continue to do films like Singham and Golmaal and work with Rohit Shetty with whom every actor or actress wants to work. I have got many opportunities which not all actress have received after marriage. In fact, it takes more to do comedy than make a sad face and cry. Sometimes, over the top acting is so difficult to do. To make somebody laugh while making it look spunky is tiring. Since I am a happy person, that comes across.” 

As she elucidates how “tough” and “exhausting” it is to do comedy, Metrolife mentions Omkara and Khan says, “I loved it. To me, Heroine was one of my best performances. Whatever the fate of the film was.” Soon the subject of success of critically acclaimed films at the box office returns and the lady who has seen it all doesn’t shy away from commenting. 

“The fact that I am still acting in commercial films is a big thing especially when the new crop is already around. I have some 10 years more,” she says to which this reporter adds ‘may be, many more’ and she says, “I want to do a film like The Bridges of Madison County. That’s my favourite.

 I don’t know if Bollywood is ready for a romance of two 55-year-olds but if times are changing then ‘Never say Never’,” she says. And as Metrolife wishes her good luck, she assures, “I want to do films where I have fun and every film will have a performance! I can vouch for it.”