A myth called 'heaven'

A myth called 'heaven'

What is the kind of world we live in today?

The appropriate word would be ‘paradoxical’, because on the one hand we have super technology, amazing scientific inventions and an exhaustive stock of information on every field of science. We have grown by leaps and bounds in our quest to know the material world and to use it for our benefit or pleasure. But on the other hand, statistics and news about the end result of growth in terms of human experience within tell a sad story.

There is no doubt science has given us supersonic jets, bullet trains, robots, space stations, satellite tech­nology, the Internet, mobile phones, laptops, an array of super drugs and medical procedures like organ transplant, cloning and DNA mapping. In spite of all these resources, our progress has been imbalanced. The scale and magnitude of human suffering has broken all imaginable limits with increased amount of  violence, poverty, sickness, pollution, dirt and crime.

Today, if we look around, there seems to be endless misery. Moral degradation and corruption of human values make one shudder. Can things be worse than this? Or Is there a ray of hope for the world to get better? Well, the world is changing, every day and with this change there is a phenomenal process of spiritual transformation going on because a significant number of people are exploring the true purpose of life. Many may not be exploring but experience a shiver from the conscious within, signalling that it’s time to change. Hence, it is believed that from the throes of ignorance and misery will emerge wisdom and goodness for the transformation.

That day is not far when we would see a world of purity of character and values. There will be no form of violence. Every person will be an embodiment of truth and divine virtues. Pure love and respect will form the basis of relationships. They will be completely free from and ignorant of evil, vices and suffering. Materially, they will be living in opulence and abundance. Science will be used for creating perfect technology and comforts that are necessity. People will enjoy perfect health, natural beauty, and a long lifespan free from sickness and un­timely death. Everybody will be happy and content. There will be innocence, purity and joy. One would ask, is this all a myth? Not really. We need to understand that the golden age or the new world is the harvesting period for the fruits of pure actions performed by us in the present age we call Iron Age. It is actually NOW that we get an opportunity to create our best destiny. Once we conquer the vices such as lust, ego and attachment, we regain our original divine nature and it helps transform the entire world into a new divine world. So, do not ever think heaven is a myth. It’s indeed a reality that’s as close as tomorrow.