Raise the bar

Modern homes are all about adding little details customised to the tastes of dwellers. One of the popular additions to that lineup is the home bar! Whether it is a
simple corner bar or a compact closet bar cabinet, a well-designed bar accessorised with stylish cabinets will not only bring oodles of sophistication, but is also a
fabulous way to create that much-needed ambience to entertain your guests.

As you raise a glass of good cheer this season, the glamorous bar cabinets from The Furniture Republic (TFR) promise to add to the splendour. In keeping with different tastes, these exclusive items are sure to bring a classy finesse to your homes, finished with leather, canvas fittings and Sheesham wood.

Dazzling details, an online home décor portal, shows you new ways to look at the hardware in your homes. Door knobs, handles or door knockers metamorphose from plain objects of mundane use to extraordinary expressions of quirky creativity.

Artistic hardware is the hottest trend in interiors right now. You can easily incorporate this trend in your own abodes and adorn them stylishly without compromising on utility. One way to dazzle every visitor is by ushering them in through a door with exquisite door handles.

Also, door knockers are a fancy alternative to a doorbell! However intricate your front entryway is, these ornamental door knockers won’t go unnoticed.

And then, there are decorative door knobs and funky hooks to choose from too. Decorative hardware can work wonders by infusing an artistic touch to your home. They are easy to incorporate, fun to work with, and aren’t a drain on your resources either!

Silver tribute

History has its own grandeur. It hails eternally. Frazer & Haws, the
international silverware brand, has embellished the spirit of patriotism a bit more with its affluent souvenirs. Recalling Mahatma is the glitter of freedom, illuminating the indomitable pride. The father of the nation and his contributions are immortal, and now their spirit is crafted to be preserved in every Indian household.

In its latest collection framed to rekindle the values of the immortal Mahatma, the craftsmiths encrypted his values in small souvenirs.The handcrafted silver
bookmark, the precious sculpture of Bapu and formed Bapu silhouette are commingled for this affluent ensemble. Bapu's frail figure that belied his strength is
immortalised in this hand-pierced sterling silver bookmark. Mark your page and pay a silent tribute to his ethos and ideologies.