To hire or not to hire?

To hire or not to hire?

Searching for a new job? Well, this has nothing to do with the ‘situations vacant’ advertisements. This is all about the importance of writing a good curriculum vitae. A resume is important as it speaks about one’s educational qualifications, experience and a little about one’s self.

Expressing yourself in a proper manner and with correct spellings is paramount when you are writing one. If one is not careful, your applications may turn hilarious. See for yourself.

I know that music is balm to a weary soul, but listen to this. One CV stated that the candidate likes to listen to silent music. ‘I don’t like shouting and screaming in it,’ she added. Maybe she meant to say that she isn’t a fan of heavy metal music. Check out the following. ‘I want to play a major part in your company role.’ There are times that I want to tear out my hair in agony.

Another wrote, ‘my ‘hubbies’ are sports. My goal is to seek ‘challenge career’ and to be a part of your ‘organ’. I hope to feel ‘wel-come’ here.” Do these howlers make you smile? Why is it that many make a mistake while spelling the word ‘welcome’? For heaven’s sake, ‘welcome’ is one word and not ‘wel-come’, which is so often, wrongly written.

Another application goes like this — ‘I offer my candidate for you considering’. To quote another, ‘I’m flexible in all positions and I am adaptable in any given position.’ This one states, ‘I want to make a good ‘carrier’ in your company. I have ‘grate’ communication skills. I am also a ‘rabid typist’. Sometimes, I wonder, how does one come up with such thigh-slappers? Mind you, some of these applicants are degree holders, but they cannot spell simple words, or could it be that they are just too careless?
Here I go again with the other ones. One likes to play ‘batminton’ whilst another loves watching ‘kriket’.

Another wrote, “I’m anxious to use my ‘exiting’ skills.” Any wonder why he was shown the EXIT? This candidate declared that she felt ‘secured’ to her family. I only hope that she didn’t mean she was ‘tied down’ to them. I wouldn’t call this putting one’s best foot forward. More like putting a foot in the mouth.

When I conduct an interview, I make the candidate write a paragraph about his/her likes and dislikes at the end of the interview. It helps me assess their character from their handwriting and lets me know more about them and how well they can write and frame their sentences. One can judge a lot from these few points.

Some applications are a pleasure to go through, whilst others leave you bewildered. Let yours fall in the former category. I do hope that I have enlightened the ones that aren’t careful whilst they write this important document. Now, all that I can hope for is that you will double check your bio-data before you submit yours. Remember, every word you write is magnified to the reader. Keep in mind you won’t have a second chance with first impressions.