To bring all artists on one canvas

To bring all artists on one canvas

Inspired by what Greek philosopher Aristotle once said that “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”, a group of artists have come together in the capital to exhibit their opus that reflects their point of view about different facets of society.

An art is a manifestation of what an artist thinks, and putting an idea on canvas that has the potential to enthral its audience would be a rare feat to achieve. Emerging out of all complexities of materialistic world, these artists have united under the theme of Ekam, meaning one, depicting a common faith that art must prevail and for that they are one, united and diversified.

Over a four-day span, ‘Ekam: towards the countless’, an exhibition of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics was held at the Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre recently.

“There are a lot of artists who cannot afford or aren’t promoted enough to showcase their talent. Thus Ekam is a collective attempt to bring forth these artists so that they can portray their inherent gift,” said Gaurav Kapoor, curator and an artist by himself who exhibited his painting under the title
‘Untitled XXXI’.

When asked about the reason behind putting up a peculiar title, he said “My work is a reflection of energy and I express it with colour. If I give any specific title to my work, then a viewer would interpret it accordingly. Thus I want them to interpret on their own and bring about different understanding of my work”.  

Exhibiting under the title “Your garden and my flower”, artist Anand Krishnan told Metrolife, “The idea of ‘Home’ plays a crucial role in my works. It took me around 15 days to create this oil painting which depicts that home is not just a building or land where you live; rather it is an emotional ocean which lies within one’s self. My painting depicts an amalgamation of homes for different creatures, be
it human beings, a bird or a honeybee”.  

The exhibition presented the works of 33 artists, including that of Delhi-based artists Priyanka Dua and Gaurav Chawla and a 10-year-old girl. Eminent artists Satish Gujral, Niren Sen Gupta and Siddhartha Tagore of Art Consult Gallery were the chief guests. The exhibition was curated by 4th Wall Art.