Private TV channel cameras to be banned inside House

Private TV channel cameras to be banned inside House

Information Minister Roshan Baig on Tuesday said private television cameras will henceforth be banned inside the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, when the Houses are in session.

He said the government intended to start television channels to directly relay the proceedings of the House to the people, along the lines of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV channels.

“A committee comprising myself, the Law minister, Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa and Chairman D H Shankaramurthy will meet in the next two days to discuss the ban on private television cameras within the Assembly and the Council. There is no ban on reporters, but only cameras of TV channels,” he said.

It is said the government has decided to ban private channel cameras after visuals of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dozing off during the last Assembly session were aired repeatedly.

Mega media city

The minister said the department was planning a mega media city outside Bangalore for television and newspaper offices in the State. There are media cities in Noida and in Dubai.

“I have already visited the Noida media city and will be shortly visiting Dubai to see how the setup works,” said Baig.