No US hand in India's climate policies: Govt

No US hand in India's climate policies: Govt

“I have sent an e-mail to (David) Axelrod pointing out that his comments are against the statements issued by President Obama and Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton,” Ramesh said here on Tuesday.

Axelrod on Monday claimed that the accord not only permits the US to “review” the domestic mitigation actions of India and China but also to “challenge” New Delhi and Beijing if they move away from their stated objectives of reducing their emission intensity.

Oppn charge

In the Rajya Sabha, BJP leader Arun Jaitley and CPM’s Sitaram Yechury alluded to Axelrod’s statement to demonstrate how the United Progressive Alliance government was outwitted by the United States in drafting the Copenhagen accord, which provides America with a remote control.

“Axelrod’s statement was meant for domestic consumption. He has to convince Congress that China and India have been brought in. He has to convince the trade unions that China and India have been controlled,” Ramesh said responding to the criticism.

The minister used a press statement made by President Obama in Copenhagen after the accord was finalised, to illustrate how the advisor’s view did not match with that of the president.

“Nowhere has President Obama said this record (international consultation and analysis) is meant to control or strangulate China and India,” Ramesh said.

Affirming that the BASIC countries—Brazil, South Africa, India and China—would stay together in the flock to decide the future course of action, he said environment ministers from these countries would meet in Delhi in March to decide the strategy for the mid-year meeting at Bonn.

The Planning Commission will set up an expert group to study how India can move on to a low carbon economy. The panel is expected to submit its report in the 3-4 months.