State IISc student gets perfect GRE score

State IISc student gets perfect GRE score

State IISc student gets perfect GRE score

Bangalore boy Aditya Hebbar has achieved the rare feat of securing a perfect score in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Very few students from India or across the world get a score of 340 out of 340 in the examination, a key criterion to pursuing a master’s course or research in various US institutions. 

Aditya is presently pursuing his undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and is specialising in physics, a subject he is passionate about. “At school I was very fond of physics and maths and so I decided that it was better for me to do what I was interested in rather than following the crowd. Studying engineering or medicine was therefore never on my agenda.

Also, IISc had just started its undergraduate course at this time and it was  perfect for me,” he said.

 Aditya gave the GRE on September 2. With perfect scores of 170 out of 170 in the sections on verbal and quantitive reasoning and a good score in analytical writing, it is difficult to believe that Aditya prepared for just for a month to ace the exam.
“For two weeks before the exam I spent about two to three hours preparing.

Before that I just solved questions for an hour as I did not have much time juggling between my studies and test preparation,” he said. “The section on verbal reasoning was quite difficult at first. However, it became easy as I progressed. The qualitative section was quite easy since I have a background in Mathematics,” he added.

Aditya is eyeing top institutions such as Princeton University, Harvard University and the University of California, Los Angeles and Berkeley to fulfil his dream of pursuing research. “I want to go into research, particularly in the field of theoretical physics,” he said.

 With around seven months left for him to complete his UG course, Aditya will start applying in November or December next year. Prof Chandan Dasgupta, Dean, Undergraduate Studies, IISc, said: “We are all very happy for Aditya. There are quite a few students from the batch that have done well in the test and were close to securing the full score. However, Aditya is the one student with the perfect score.”
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