Depressed housewife shoots herself

Depressed housewife shoots herself

Depressed over her husband’s ill health and her sons’ love marriage plans, a housewife, Prabha Venkatesh, 51, shot herself at her house in Murugeshpalya in the Old Airport police limits on Sunday.

Domestic woes

According to preliminary investigations, troubled over her domestic life after a road accident rendered her husband disabled, and her sons’ love marriage plans had driven Prabha to suicide, the police said.
 Prabha’s husband Venkatesh is a landlord owning several properties. Kiran, a doctor, and Gautam, a civil engineer, are the couple’s sons. 

Venkatesh had obtained licence for a revolver to protect himself, the police said.

Kiran was in love with a girl and wanted to marry her much against his mother’s wishes. Further, a distraught Prabha learnt that Gautam too was in love.

 Opposed to her son’s marriage plans, she had requested Gautam to wait till Kiran got married. However, Gautam went ahead with the marriage, bringing his wife home, the police said.

On Sunday at 5.30 pm, Prabha went into Kiran’s room, shot herself in the abdomen and collapsed.

Her sons who were in the hall rushed her to Manipal Hospital where she died early Monday morning, the police said.