Expressing yourself in style

Expressing yourself in style

Expressing yourself in style

Lakshmi Ambarish

This student of Mount Carmel College is wearing a blue top and tights from Zara with shoes from Debenhams.

I find this outfit really comfortable for daily wear. I think clothes should define comfort as well as looks. I have come to realise that people should wear what they can carry off, instead of listening to others. Fashion is all about wearing something you are comfortable in.

Jithin Joseph

The student of Acharya Institute of Technology, is wearing a sweatshirt from Roadster with jeans from Benetton and shoes from Timberland.

As the winter approaches, I am collecting the trendiest sweatshirts which are comfortable to wear. And Timberland shoes always go well with the look. Fashion is a way of expressing and empowering ourselves. And in this new era of fashion, where no rules exist, what to wear depends on one’s choice.

Megana Ghopinandhaa

The student of Bangalore Institute of Technology is wearing a floral printed top with a solid black skirt from Forever 21.  Her black shoes are from Zara.

My wardrobe has a mix of casual, chic and traditional wear, which suits my personality and structure well. I firmly believe in the concept of style combined with comfort and always like to strike a balance.

If you believe in yourself, you can easily carry off any attire with confidence, grace and style. This will invariably make you stand out in the crowd and create a lasting impression.