'Singer inside me is growing'

'Singer inside me is growing'

Raga Fragrance

'Singer inside me is growing'

 M Balamuralikrishna

He is jovial in nature and encompasses all the energy an 18-year-old can have. This legendary musician is credited for giving a new angle to Carnatic music but has sustained its rich tradition.

Balamuralikrishna took up to singing when he was barely seven-years-old and hasn’t looked back since then. Even after passing through the glorious seven decades of a musical journey, he is able to retain the spirit of experimentation. “I always feel that the singer inside me is growing day by day. I do not consider music as something separate. At the same time, I never overburden myself with music throughout the day. I remain calm and think about other good things,” he says.

The unique thing about this genius is that his fans get to listen to different styles of music each time they listen to him. His composition and rendition are youthful and offer a divine treatment. He has contributed his own ragas and took its fragrance through out the world.

“Change is everywhere. Then why should music remain the same? When I felt that classical music is stagnating, I tried to reinvent it and made it more contemporary. I inducted poetry into my compositions. I like to offer my audience an enjoyable piece of music which provokes them to hear more and more”.

The multi-faceted musician has also enacted in some Telugu movies. However, he was not keen on continuing that. He explains it in a humourous way. “In a movie called Bhakta Prahlada, I had essayed the role of Narada. Later I was offered the same role in a couple of films. I didn’t want to be a musician in films too. Moreover, there were no heroines for the roles I was offered, so I quit acting,” he blushes.

Extremely noteworthy is his witty and down-to-earth nature. He says he goes to Casinos whenever he gets time during his foreign tours. “I like spending time at Casinos. The place leaves me relaxed and I could freely spare my private time. People over there don’t bother me for interviews or autographs. Interestingly, I never incurred losses and it has always been profitable,” he informs.   

Balamuralikrishna recently crooned Anbaale Azhagagum Veede for a Tamil film called Pasanga. The song is very popular among youngsters. “Classical music never dies. It lives forever, may be in different forms. Indian music is the base for all other world musical genres and it will flourish in the future,” he signs off.