The long and short of it

The long and short of it

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The long and short of it

Skirts, perhaps more than any other piece of clothing, change very frequently.  ‘Pencils’, ‘lampshades’ and ‘tubes’ to ‘tulip’ styles, this feminine garment changes from sculpted shapes to tiers and ruffles, classic blacks to bright eye-popping colours each season.
Metrolife talks to designer Michelle Sallins about that one wardrobe essential that's essential and versatile - The Skirt.

“If there's one piece that's constantly on and off the runway, it's the skirt. The perfect companion to a sharp blazer, chic cardigan or luxe top, skirts make for an ultra-feminine style across ages and lifestyles,” says Michelle.

So what's in for the season?

“Short skirts are ‘in’, be it silk lined, layered lace or in soft warm fabrics and knits. Colours are plum, purple or classic black. Young fashion followers can wear them with  printed leggings and high boots. For the mature dresser, long skirts, gathered, tapered or pencil with smart shoes, ruffled or tank tops and oversized handbags look good,” she explains adding, “remember with skirts, whether long or short, it’s all about the legs. Nude tights and killer heels give you that sleek elegant look and there is plenty of variety to keep the skirt style interesting. 2009 saw the tulip skirt make a big impact on the ramp. Gathered at the waist and mid-length, it looks like an upside down tulip and can work either as formal or casual wear. The tailored look makes it a good choice for the office but  be sure to go with a dark conservative colour and length,” she advises.

Young fashionistas favour...

Preeti MuddakrishnanPreeti Muddukrishnan, a student says: “I wear skirts that are either short or flowy ankle length but never mid-length. I love short skirts which are  trendy and flattering. A denim teamed up with a tank top or tee and ballerina flats or sporty shoes for the day and a leather, silk or layered lace skirt for the evening with strappy heels works really well.”
Trisha, another student, favours long flowing skirts in ethnic prints, or chiffons and georgette with sequins or ‘ghota’  borders. “Worn with a halter top or tie backs, jewelled heels or chunky jewellery and a matching stole, it gives you an Indo-Western look that is funky and  interesting,” she says.

 “We check out international brands like Giovanni or Mango for well tailored mix and match pieces or one of a kind outfits. But we also trawl export surplus places, little standalone stores that dot most mid town shopping areas like Commercial Street or Brigade Road. We also find good buys in shopping plazas that specialise in affordable fashion, fads and trends,” they say.

Michelle advises, “Denim skirts worn with a white or red fitted t-shirt and trench coat or a cotton jacket with big buttons look young and peppy for daytime wear. Throw on a scarf or a narrow stole and wear comfy flat shoes or sandals. Taking the same look into the night, substitute denim with a formal tulip skirt, add strappy heels and ditch the cotton jacket.”