EC notice to Raj Thackeray

EC notice to Raj Thackeray

EC notice to Raj Thackeray

The Election Commission today issued a show cause notice to Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray for his allegedl remarks against non-Maharashtrians and claiming that once his party comes to power, their entry in the state will be barred.

Issuing him a notice for prima facie violating the model code of conduct, the EC gave Raj time till October 15 morning to respond to it, failing which the poll body will take a decision without further reference to him.

"From the day, you give this state in my hands, from that day the employment in any industry created in Maharashtra will be given only to Marathi boys and girls in Maharashtra. No employment will be given to the boys and girls from other states. Their entry will also be stopped. Their inquiry will be started from the train itself...," the EC notice said reproducing his remarks in English made by him in Marathi at an election meeting in Ghatkopar assembly constituency on October 5.

The EC notice pointed out that Raj Thackeray also said that if people coming from outside have no arrangement to live, no arrangement for work, "then get out. Don't come to my state. Maharashtra has not taken contract to fend for people from other states. Only our boys and girls should get jobs here..."

Referring to his another speech in Kalna assembly constituency on October 7, the EC said the MNS chief allegedly said that "...if I am given power, then I will not only create jobs on large-scale but will also ensure that all the jobs created will go only to Marathi boys and girls of Maharashtra... Employment in Maharashtra will be stopped to people from other states. 'No entry' boards will be put up on all the borders. Slums spring up but our Marathi persons do not get affordable home they deserve."

He said people from other states come and get Rs one crore for each hut they occupy but locals live in 'chawl' and that too on rental basis. "They come to Maharashtra as private security guards with double barrel guns, where did you get it, are you a dacoit? But people from other states come and they get jobs of security guards and for our own police recruitment our boys from Maharashtra come and while running for 5 km, these Marathi boys die of heart attack. Give the state in my hands, I will close all these private security agencies and will start own security agency of Maharashtra and will give you jobs in those..."

The EC took cognisance of Thackeray's remarks after an advocate, Vinod Tiwari, made the complaint to local poll authorities. The complaint was forwarded by Shrikant Bhartiya of local BJP unit.

The EC reminded Thackeray that provisions of the model code specify that no party or candidate would indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic.

It also said that section 125 of RP Act terms promoting enmity between different classes of citizens on the grounds of religions, race, caste, community or language, in connection with election as an electoral offence.