The spirit of oneness

The spirit of oneness

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The spirit of oneness

Bangalore has its fair share of foreign students who merge well with its culture and ethos.

Be it learning a foreign language, finding their way around the City or travelling by the public transport system, they are excited. 

They are also discovering unknown aspects of the City day by day. Moreover, Indian festivals never cease to amaze them. With Deepavali around the corner, foreign students are getting ready to soak in the festivities. 

They want to relish it in every way, be it with clothes, food, decorations or by bursting crackers. These students share their thoughts and hopes for Deepavali. 

Play of lights 

Maria, III year BBM student, CMR Institute of Management, who is from Russia, says the last three years in India have given her a feel of Deepavali. “We burst crackers and skies light up with fireworks in Russia only during the Russian New Year. Although, I find it hard to slip into Indian clothes like a sari or a salwar, I make it a point to wear one during Deepavali.”  

Cracking moments

Abdul Azeez, I BBM student, CMR Institute of Management is from Afgha­nistan. He says that this is his first Deepavali in India. “I’ve heard a lot of about crackers and the colour but I know nothing about how the festival is celebrated. I can’t wait to get into the celebration mode. Back home, we burst crackers only during Eid. This will be the first time I will be bursting crackers for an Indian festival.”  

‘Barfi’ days

Pema, I year MCom, CMR Law College, is from Tibet. She says that she has heard about Deepavali from her friends. “I never get to really indulge in the festivities but Deepavali is about eating lots of sweets and I always eat home-made coconut barfi and other delicacies that my friends bring. This year, I hope to get to do more than just eat.” 

World of goodies 

Ahmad Khan, II year BCA, Indian Academy, who hails from Afghanistan, says he can’t wait for Deepavali to arrive. “I get plenty of boxes of ladoos from my friends and there are a group of us who pool in money to buy crackers. We burst them together. There’s a lot of happiness during the festival. I also get invited to some of my Indian friends’ houses.”  

Good over evil

Janithra Senanayaka, II year (MSc Biotechnology), Indian Academy is from Sri Lanka and she confesses that she is no stranger to the concept of Deepavali. “I have a lot of Tamil friends in Sri Lanka who celebrate the festival. It’s that time when good triumphs over evil. The lights, sound of crackers, food and clothes never cease to amaze. It’s so bright and colourful.” 

Spirit of bonhomie 

Omar Khan, II BBM student, CMR Institute of Management, who is from Afghanistan, recalls that last Deepavali, he burst crackers late into the night. “I love Indian food in just about any form and that goes for the sweets as well. I really like the sparklers and the sound of crackers. More than anything, the spirit of celebration here is one-of-a-kind.” 

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