Stars set for food 'n' frolic

Stars set for food 'n' frolic

In Festive Mode

Stars set for food 'n' frolic

The tinsel town is all set to celebrate Deepavali in style. Actors are waiting to take a break from their hectic schedules and spend quality time with their family. For them, Deepavali is all about lights, sweets and homemade delicacies — which they often miss out on when they are away shooting. Though bursting crackers is not high on their list, they say that they will certainly light up their homes with diyas.

Hema Malini, actress and producer

“I will get-together with my children, Esha and Ahana, and a couple of friends. After visting us, Esha will celebrate Deepavali with her husband’s family. I don’t really like cooking, so I don’t personally cook anything. But we always have a mix of dishes that is special to Mumbai and Chennai.”

Karthika Nair, actress
“More than bursting crackers, for me, Deepavali is about the food and dressing up. My father and brother begin the day by bursting crackers which goes on till late in the night. We always tell my brother to tone down but he loves crackers and celebrates the festival
in true Mumbai style.”

Vishaka Singh, actress
“Half my family is in London and the other half is in Mumbai. I am an animal-lover and don’t burst crackers because I know that it bothers them. I spend most of the time consoling my dog who hides under the bed. My mother makes my favourite dishes like mutter paneer and rice kheer during the festival. And I forgo my diet for that week.”  

Kriti Kharbanda, actress,
“Deepavali for me has never really been about bursting crackers or wasting too much money on them. This year, we have set apart some money for the victims of  cyclone ‘Hudhud’. I will be lighting up the house with diyas and  generously help myself to all kinds of sweets.”

Raghu Mukherjee, actor
“I am going to Kerala for a month on work and won’t be here for Deepavali. I don’t remember when was the last time I burst crackers. I am content with spending a quiet time at home. As children, we used to attend ‘Kali Puja’ which is a big thing for us. We used to stay home and feast on some homemade food. Nothing much has changed for me.” 

Raveena Tandon, actress and TV host
“My children and my cousin’s children save money and donate it to an orphanage. This is something I used to do as a child and my children know the ill-effects of bursting crackers. I’ve taken off work for a week to be with my family.”

Prabhu Deva, director and actor
“Every year, I take off work during Deepavali and spend time with my sons who live in Chennai. They don’t start bursting crackers till I am with them. My hectic work schedule keeps me busy and I look forward to spending some quiet time with my children.”

Ragini Dwivedi, actress
“I will be celebrating Deepavali in my new home. I will
decorate my house with lanterns and diyas. I don’t really have relatives here, so I plan to have a small get-together with a few close friends.”

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