Bone for each other

Bone for each other

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Bone for each other

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your dogs go ‘woof’ in joy when a treat has been placed in front of them.

Understanding the need for good dog food, Priya and Shruti started ‘Bone Appetite — Baking For Our Best Friend’. The two have been friends for ten years and it has been two years since they started this in-house ‘dog bakery’. They get orders on a daily basis mainly on their Facebook page. 

It all started as Priya, who had grown up with dogs and enjoyed baking for her pets, was asked by her friends to bake for their dogs as well. She then came up with the idea and discussed it with Shruti. The two drew out a plan and spent a lot of time researching on different recipes. They even read up on dog allergies and the kind of baking suitable for dogs and now sell a variety of treats including cupcakes, cookies and muffins.

“We use whole wheat and have different vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We buy our ingredients from the local pet stores. Cookies and customised theme cakes are the ones that sell the most. During different events and birthdays, we also make return gifts with cute toys for other dogs,” says Priya.

The overall response has been great and the two are always at their feet dishing out some great goodies for their ‘four-legged friends’. “It’s an innovative idea which appeals to a lot of people and we have had a high rate of repeat customers who call up and say that their dogs have lapped up our products,” Priya adds proudly.

‘Bone Appetite – Baking For Our Best Friend’ has also started selling cat food. As it’s something that they have never done before, the process is still in its initial stages and the two are researching on baking fish-based products.

It is the cute stories that the owners come back with about how much their pets love her products that gives Priya the greatest satisfaction. She describes it as “motivating and encouraging”.

“People say their dogs don’t move away from the fridge when there is cake or a tray of cookies made by us inside. I can’t even tell you the best thing about having a pet. I can’t imagine life without them,” she wraps up while petting her dog.