Nitte girl dreams of making girls strong

Nitte girl dreams of making girls strong

These days it is not uncommon to see women foraying into various arenas hitherto dominated by men with audacity and valour, showing off that they are no inferior to masculinity.

Mrinalini Shetty, an international Karate champion from Mundkur in Nitte is another personality who has set an example and proven herself in the male dominated arena of martial art.

Mrinalini who started her career in karate from seventh standard has bagged more than 200 regional, State, national and international awards with black belt II Dan to her credit.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mrinalini said that she was fascinated by the tactics used in karate when she was just 12 and since then, it has been a journey along with the wonderful martial art form. She sees karate as a way of life and as well as a weapon to protect her. Every girl should at least know the basics of karate, exhorts Mrinalini.

Mrinalini is teaching karate to the girls in schools and colleges in Karkala. Her intention  is to make girls strong enough to defend themselves.

“Learning karate has become indeed necessary in today’s world. My goal in future is to make girls strong. In any given situation, it is the girl who should be in a position to protect her and later comes the society,” she said. 

“I take classes daily, girls find it interesting, and many of them are enthusiastically taking part in the training. When I speak to them, they feel that they need to learn something that can help them to defend themselves. The self-protection awareness is on the rise among girls and I teach them free of cost,” Mrinalini added.

She feels that the government should take measures to introduce karate classes to girls in schools. It should be made mandatory and implemented as any other subject. Mrinalini said there is lack of desire among the administrative stakeholders.

Mrinalini, who always had the smooth journey towards fulfilling her dreams, thanks the unconditional support given to her by her parents, teachers, relatives and friends. She noted that it was not that easy to achieve greater heights without the support of the well-wishers. Mrinalini was trained under Sathish Belmannu.


Mrinalini had won fourth place in kumite at International karate championship held at Mumbai in 2008. Besides, she has many laurels to her credit in the form of 2nd place in kumite and 1st place in karate in national championship held in Hyderabad in 2010.

She has secured second place in kumite in the international championship held at Dubai in 2011 and first place in kumite in the international championship held at Thrissur in 2013. She has also participated in All India Nau Sainik camp held at Vishakapatnam and has won gold medal in boat pulling competition.

She took part in national integration camp held at West Bengal and has won second place in road show competition. All these credits came to her kitty in her 13 years of career. 

Mrinalini also enjoys music and dance. She has plans to take up karate as  a full time career.

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