Remote-sensing survey to explore uranium deposits

Remote-sensing survey to explore uranium deposits

The Atomic Minerals Directorate For Exploration and Research, a unit of the Atomic Energy department, is preparing to explore deposits of heavy metals like uranium, thorium and plutonium in the eastern parts of River Krishna basin in Bagalkot district and Bijapur districts.

According to officials involved in the execution of the survey works, they may take a week to prepare for the task. The survey will be carried out by remote sensing. The remote sensor is a circular pipe affixed to latest gadgets, which will be installed under the helicopter, and will help sense the presence of ore deposits while flying about.

Data to be computerised
Later on, data available from the remote sensors will be collected and computerised, the officials said but refused to disclose more information.

Sources said the remote sensing survey will be carried out in Kaladgi basin, Badami taluk, Bilagi and Bagalkot taluks, besides Basavana Bagewadi and Muddebihaal taluks of Bijapur district.

The directorate specialises in detecting the presence of heavy metals like uranium, thorium, plutonium, etc that are used in the manufacture of warfare equipment. At present, India imports these ores.

Previous surveys
Previous surveys had detected the presence of uranium in Kaladgi basin.
There are possibilities that other heavy metal deposits may be detected at Tugunashi in Badami taluk, Deshanuru in Belgaum, Almatti and Nidagundi in Basavana Bagewadi taluk.
But only a definitive study can confirm this.

A detailed scientific study will also show up details on the quality, quantity and variety of ores available in this region, sources added. Previously, the directorate had detected the presence of uranium near Gogi in Gulbarga district, officials said on the condition of anonymity.

The survey is being undertaken after a nod from all the departments concerned, since the helicopter will fly at low altitude covering different regions in Bijapur and Bagalkot districts.