The joy of turning a page in a digital age!

The joy of turning a page in a digital age!

Reading Habits

The joy of turning a page in a digital age!

Utilising travel time reading a book in a Metro has become a common practice among commuters.

Despite having iPads, tablets, smart phones or even book readers, many prefer to carry printed, hardbound books along with them.

Though we are a tech-savvy generation, electronic reading is not yet a part of our habit. A survey reveals that despite being in the digital age, most Indians prefer reading printed books.
According to Tata Literature Live! Survey 2014, 78 per cent people favour printed books over electronic reading. Mumbai respondents lead with 80 per cent. They are followed by their Delhi counterparts with 79 per cent, Kolkata with 78 per cent, Bengaluru with 77 per cent and Chennai with 76 per cent. 
The Tata Literature Live! Survey 2014, is an exclusive study by the Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest on the Indian reading habits. Conducted in October 2014, the survey took a close look into the evolving landscape of literary reading amidst technological, social and behavioural impacts.

It focuses on how India is reading today and dwells into the perceptions on literature, across demographics. The research was conducted online, accumulating responses from 1,426 individuals, across the country.
 The survey looks deeper into the other aspects of reading habits as well. Sixty per cent respondents read a literary piece once a week. Forty-two per cent consider reading as the best means to survive a bad day, 74 per cent prefer reading to internet, social media or gaming and 69 per cent prefer reading over watching television shows or movies.

Interestingly, 61 per cent respondents prefer reading over socialising and 60 per cent respondents prefer reading over outdoor/indoor games.
  Anil Dharker, founder and festival director of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest, says, “The Tata Literature Live! Survey 2014 is an effort to look into contemporary India’s literary leisure reading. The survey has not only explored reading tastes, but more importantly how India is reading today. It is heartening to see India’s love for the written word, and the findings encourage us to celebrate it even further at the forthcoming editions of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest!”

Dr Mukund Rajan, member – Group Executive Council and Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, says “In a world of primetime TV, breaking news, and intensive social networking, reading books remains a popular activity. Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest endeavours to promote the cause of literature, particularly amongst the younger generation, and the findings of the survey enthuse us to strengthen our efforts in this direction.” Ilika Ranjan, who has authored a children's book Secrets of Zynpagua: Return of the Princess at its Premise says, “Reading as a hobby should be made more contemporary and the word Bookworm should be done away with. Reading produces the smartest and most intelligent people in the world, not bookworms, a word which does not define readers of today."