Will get CBSE affiliation soon: Narayana school

The management of Narayana E-Techno School in Koramangala on Saturday held a meeting with the students’ parents to allay their fears regarding the school’s affiliation.

The management has assured the parents that they will soon get the necessary affiliation from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), to which they had previously claimed to have been affiliated.

“The parents submitted a list of demands to the management and they promised to put up answers on the school’s notice board by Monday,” said Muralidhara, whose son studies in class 3. “The school had been showing us the affiliation document they had got for its main branch in Bellandur earlier. They have, however, asked for time to produce a new affiliation document. Other concerns like the lack of security and the need for appointing a new principal have also been conveyed by us,” he said. As many as 100 parents attended the meeting.
A statement by the management said, “The management clearly mentioned in the meeting that the school has the State board’s permission and the CBSE affiliation is in process. They promised the parents that within three months, the school will get CBSE recognition.” A parents’ committee has also been formed to look into any issue related to the students’ studies and so that the facilities in the campus can be reviewed periodically, the statement said.

After the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) started cracking down on illegal schools, a number of anxious parents had asked the school for proof of affiliation, to which the school had not responded properly. The DPI filed a case against the school on Friday for running sections without permission. The school had permission to run classes 1 to 5, but was running classes 6 to 10 without authorisation.

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