Students unleash their creativity

Students unleash their creativity

Students unleash their creativity

Each student of the second year class of fashion designing used the technique of tie and dye and exhibited their final designs together on a wall that looked like an art installation!

Alongside, was also exhibited history of various aspects of fashion, ranging from denims to make up. A visitor at the Open Day Exhibition of LISAA School of Design would have had no problem going through the interesting timeline on the evolution
of fashion.

Even interior and graphic design students put up a brilliant show with their work and did their parents proud by showcasing their experiments with different materials and graphic posters.
“Our class of fashion designing was given different fabrics and asked to present them in different styles. But the most exciting part this year was the addition of performing arts,” says Deboshri Bera, a second year student referring to the songs presented by first year students.

In an attempt to enable the students to showcase their work in their respective fields, this year’s exhibition held at the Okhla campus of the institute saw a huge participation from students enrolled in various subjects.

The event provided exposure and a 360 degree learning experience to the students which involved conceiving and creating different designs, developing them to the maximum and displaying the same before visitors.

This not only attracted a large number of students from other campuses, but also big names from the fashion industry. The chief guest for the show, Laurent Guichoux, designer and education director at LISAA France, said, “LISAA Delhi Open Day is a great initiative of the school to create visibility for the students and their works. Professionals and public appreciate the work of the students and they get the opportunity to interact and connect with them in near future for placements and live projects.”

Since the exhibition is also open to recruiters, the latter got a glimpse of the talent and capabilities of the students too. The students on the other hand got a chance to interact with established personalities from the industry and explore new limits of creativity. The work exhibited by the students helped them get placements, internships and live projects also.

“It is mandatory for every student to pick up a topic and start working on it with the help of teachers assigned to them. Teachers guide them at every stage until the selected topic gets converted into a masterpiece,” said Shobha Parasher, head of LISAA School of Design. She added that the institute endeavours to provide each student with a platform by providing them industry exposure from the very first year.