Winter needn't dull your crowning glory

If you wonder if it is only you who has to face hair problems in winter, and it makes you jealous to see all those flaunting their lustrous tresses on their way to work, then you need to know what they do to keep their hair strong and healthy.

Metrolife spoke to dermatologists and hair experts to learn that ‘dry hair’ is very common in winters. The cold season draws all the moisture from the hair.
Dryness leads to all the other problems like hairfall, split ends, dandruff and many other damages that are felt only in this season.

Here are a few extra things you need to do during winters:
Protect your hair and save your scalp Richa Aggarwal, founder, Cleopatra Spa and Salon and also a beauty and makeover expert, says hair is not a single thread, but is covered with many minute scales, which when they lose moisture start to tear off. They must be tightened together with oil.

“I advise hot oil massage to keep the scalp healthy before shampooing to reduce hairfall,’’ says Aggarwal, adding, “winter and summer shampoos should be separated.’’ Winter shampoos should be the mild ones. They are generally transparent in colour.

Another fact to be kept in mind is that healthy hair can only be achieved if the scalp is healthy.Dr Kiran Lohia, a dermatologist and owner of Lumiere Dermatology says, “put a lot of egg white, pumpkin, flax seeds, avocado and sesame oil to keep your hair naturally healthy.’’
Eat healthy to stay healthy
Keeping the stomach and liver healthy is still the best measure to ensure every part of you from outside looks good.

Lohia says that “one should eat foods with a lot of Omega III fatty acids, that are mostly found in pumpkin, flax seeds, walnuts, fatty fishes and also sunflower seeds.”

Dandruff is very common in this season, but if it doesn’t go away by following the above mentioned techniques then a visit to the dermatologist is advised.

“If your hair is damaged do not go for styling before you have taken care of the problem,” says Lohia.

Also, most doctors and experts advice shampooing not more than twice or thrice a week. And use more organic products. If you depend on general shampoos, go for shampoos with the least sulphate content.

And for those who use a lot of ‘henna’ Aggarwal’s word of caution is “Henna dries the hair in winters and should be avoided at all costs.’’

The good news is that healthy and strong hair is not unachievable in winters. It just requires you to be more responsible towards its wellbeing!

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