ZP members seek funds for development

ZP members seek funds for development

The House roared up right at the beginning with the opposition members saying that the State government is curtailing the rights of Panchayat Raj bodies by not releasing funds for development.

While the uproar of the opposition members hit the roof, President Santhosh Kumar Bhandary’s assurance to bring the issue to the notice of the Government went in vain. However, the discussion subsided with promise from MP Nalin Kumar Kateel to do the needful to release funds needed for development.

At the beginning of the meet, Member Sundar Gowda Ichchila said that ZP has not received funds under 5,054 title, drinking water projects, road development etc and the elected representatives are ridiculed by the people.

He opined that though the proceedings of the last meeting states that a sum of Rs 7.18 crore has been released, there has been no mention as to for which project this amount has been released.

“A large chunk of this amount has come through MLAs fund and no special grant has been released to the Zilla Panchayat,” he added and sought clarification for the same from the CEO.

CEO Shivashankar said that an action plan under 5054 was done for 48 projects and a sum of Rs 485 lakh has come from MLAs fund. But members refused to accept the explanation on the grounds that CEO was siding the Government.

Sundar Gowda said that they should boycott the meet and stage a dharna outside the hall because there is a need to grab attention of the Government towards problems faced by the Panchayat Raj bodies, which was welcomed by all.

Pacifying the members, President Santhosh Kumar Bhandary said that members should handle the situation peacefully and try and talk it out to the MLA first because it is he who has to speak at the Assembly.

Thungappa Bangera said that since MLA is from the ruling party he will not speak against the Government. Hence Congress MLAs and leaders should speak about it. This raged the Congress members and led to heated discussions.

Mamata Gatti said that it is said that the funds were not released because the Utilisation Certificate (UC) did not reach Centre from the State. However, CEO clarified that as far as the district is concerned UC was sent promptly.

Sundar Gowda Ichila said that Package tender system is the root cause for all the problems and it is due to this system that execution of works are suffering. He said that the system must be scrapped off at the earliest.

Draft plan of Rs 119.40 cr
Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat has made a draft plan of Rs 119.40 for 2010-2011. The plan has Rs 20.07 crore earmarked for education sector, Rs 12.67 crore for family welfare, Rs 22.68 crore for Women and Child Welfare, Rs 13.18 crore for Panchayat Raj bodies.

Support price for areca
Member Chandrashekar Kamath keeping forth the condition of areca growers said that Government should help the growers make a living this year because large quantity of areca has been lost due to the extended rains. He said that government should provide support price of Rs 100 for areca.

Responding to the same, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said that CM has already decided to extend the period of providing the support price. “The support price is being provided at present from June to December but the benefits of this is reaped only by big planters. Hence, the CM has agreed to extend the period from December to May,” he said.