Brutal sex attack on teen by 4 men: Police yet to make any arrest

A 15-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by four men last month in north east Delhi’s Yamuna Vihar. His family claims they have been visiting the local police station, but the accused are yet to be arrested.

However, police said a case has been filed and the accused will be arrested on conclusion of the probe as there are some discrepancies in the victim’s statement.
The victim hails from Uttar Pradesh’s Farooqabad district and came to Delhi in August. Since then, he had been working at a bakery in Yamuna Vihar’s Noor Illahi area on a monthly salary of Rs 6,000.

It is alleged that the accused inserted a rod into the boy’s private parts to teach him a lesson on November 15. He has identified the accused as the bakery’s owner, his son and three of their friends.

“The boy had been asking for time off to visit his native village. But he had been facing mental and verbal harassment from the bakery’s owner. No leave was sanctioned and he was also regularly rebuked saying that he was reporting late for work,” the boy’s uncle Shamsuddin told Deccan Herald.

On November 15, the bakery’s owner Riyasuddin allegedly thrashed the boy. Riyasuddin’s son Rashid and his friends Jishan, Asif and Pauva then overpowered the boy and allegedly sexually assaulted him.

“The boy’s condition deteriorated after the attack on which the accused took him to the local hospital. They, however, threatened him with dire consequences if he revealed anything to police,” Shamsuddin added.

He was allegedly directed to tell police that he had sustained injuries in an accident. He was admitted at the hospital for five days before he informed his family.

His parents and three siblings then came to Delhi and reported the matter to the police. They have also tried to meet ministers near Parliament House to report the matter, but have failed to do so.

On Saturday, they had gathered outside Vigyan Bhavan in central Delhi. Deputy Commissioner of Police (North East) R A Sanjeev told Deccan Herald that a case  has been filed over the boy’s statement.

“Our probe indicates that it was a fight between some kids and both the families have reached a compromise. We received a complaint and have investigated the matter. Some arrests will be made soon,” he said.

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