Have a good night's sleep

Have a good night's sleep

Have a good night's sleep

Don’t be taken by fancy claims that brands make to sell beds. Instead, consider practical factors like space availability and usage, before making that purchase, suggests Suja Natarajan.

Anne Reeve Aldrich once said, “There is nothing so entirely desirable in all the world as a few hours of oblivion.”

It’s no secret that a good night’s rest leaves you sharper and happier in the morning. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. So, owning a comfortable bed is worth it. And there’s much more to a bed than just a place to sleep.

Making the right choice of bed and mattress will transform your bedroom into a cosy
aesthetic haven where you can retire into a peaceful night’s sleep.

The bed you buy may not suit your lifestyle, if you buy it just for elegance or appearance. What factors have to be considered before deciding to purchase a bed? Choose one as per your needs, the size of the room, number and size of people using the bed and the like.

Here’s a brief guideline to help you invest in the right bed:

Choosing the perfect bed

Divans: If you are tight on space, a divan can double up as a mattress base and a mini-storage unit. A sturdy bracket holds the two main parts of the divan together – the base and the storage space with a lifting cover.

The bed base in divans is usually more than three-feet high, providing ample storage space. It comes with drawers, sliders or a zip storage. They are popular as they are comfortable, practical and functional.

They are available with upholstered bases in a range of colours and fabrics. Divans are more expensive than beds without storage.

Bedsteads: They add a distinct style, design and elegance to your bedroom. A wooden or metal frame usually forms a bedstead. A wide range of upholstered bedsteads is also increasing in popularity.  It uses either a sprung slatted base or a slatted base to support the mattress. While curved wooden slats provide you with better comfort, fixed wooden slats offer a firm base.

Foldable beds: If you want a modular compact bed that can double up as a sofa in the day and a cot at night, foldable beds come to your rescue. They are extremely flexible, simple and convenient, especially when you have an unexpected visitor. They are great space savers that you can tuck away and transform into a comfortable sleeping unit when required. However, some people may have issues with the folding mechanism in the long run.

Futons: Maximise the space of your room during daytime with the Japanese bedding futon, which features padded mattresses that you can fold and store away when not in use.

Modern futons come with metal or wooden frame that keeps the mattress above the floor. The frame also has a mechanism that transforms a futon into a bed. Futons are available with vibrant removable covers that can match the décor of your home.

Bunk beds: These kind of beds are ideal for children’s rooms where there are two bed frames stacked on top of the other and accessed by a ladder. The main intention is to save space and accommodate two people in the same space. You can also separate them and use as a single bed if required. Bunk beds are one of the latest fashion trends in bedding furniture that are available in a wide range of designs.

Adjustable beds: How about a bed that can adjust to different positions to suit your body? Adjustable beds that were available in hospitals and nursing homes are now popular as it provides relief from various medical conditions. Let the bed adapt to your body requirements to provide you relief from stress, pain and other muscle disorders.

Platform beds: If you’re looking for an unconventional layout that is both,
attractive and functional, a platform bed is a good choice. As a popular trend in the Indian furniture industry, platform beds are modern, sleek and perfect for your home.

It has a solid rectangular frame and features horizontal wooden slats that provide flexible support to your mattress.Typically, platform beds are low in height. Without a headboard or a footboard, platform beds can make your room look roomy and large.

What’s it made of?

Wood: Wooden beds can adorn your room artistically and are considered more reliable. They are durable, require minimal maintenance and come in a range of designs and shapes. Wooden beds are not easily movable due to their heaviness.

Leather: Enjoy luxury, elegance and comfort with real leather beds. Leathered upholstery is one of the most durable and they are known to get better with time. They are the most expensive and are heavier than metal beds, besides requiring a lot of maintenance.

Faux leather beds are a better alternative to real leather as it’s easier to maintain.
Metal: If you wish to move away from conventional looks, go in for a metal bed that offers a touch of style and elegance.

They weigh less, come in attractive designs and styles and are also cost-effective. However, over a period of time, metal beds are prone to corrosion and loss of sheen.
Fabric: Fabric leather is a new trend in upholstered furniture. They give an exquisite look and feel to your bed with a different variety of textures and colours. Unlike wooden or leather beds, they don’t last long.

Exclusive upkeep is necessary for various types of fabrics.

Also, you might want to consider the following aspects before buying a bed:

It can be your restorative sleeping aid and not a mere sleeping furniture. You must feel comfortable on your bed and mattress.

It should fit the sleepers’ body shape and weight.

Do your homework; understand what your body needs and make a wise decision. Don’t fall for fancy brand names and claims.

Do your research online and compare features before you head to a retail store. Set a budget, inquire about the bed frames, mechanisms, upholstery, wood, fabric, warranty/ guarantee and after-sales service when you go shopping. Buying a bed is hard work, but certainly worth it considering the number of hours you’ll spend on it.

Before making your decision, consider the décor of your room and measure the space of your bedroom, width of your doors, stairs and hallways.

It’s not preferable to shop for a bed online because it’s advisable to try the bed before you buy. Don’t hesitate to lie down on the bed with mattress and spend considerable time to check its features. Shop together if it’s for two.

There are several features in the bedroom that work in combination to give you a good night’s sleep – bed, mattress, pillow, sheets and accessories. Make an informed decision before investing on each of them and get good rest every night, because you deserve it!