Ill-fated couple fought even on honeymoon

Ill-fated couple fought even on honeymoon

He was aggressive, say parents of injured woman

Parents of Shivani Patni, the woman who was allegedly stabbed by her husband in Dwarka, have not told her yet that her husband Amit Bachchan is no more.

The woman is admitted to an intensive care unit and her family fears she might go into shock on learning of her husband’s death.

As of now, her parents are shocked that a usually “mild-mannered” Amit could get so aggressive so as to harm his wife and himself. But what her father is not surprised about is that the woman in her statement to police said the bloody incident took place only because she refused to have sex with him on Saturday night.

“Shivani had happened to mention to me on an earlier occasion that Amit was very aggressive and demanding when it came to physical relationship. He would be forceful with her even when she was sleepy. I had told her to discuss it with her mother,” her father Ashok told Deccan Herald.

Amit’s family, on the other hand, blamed Shivani and her parents for the problem in the couple’s relationship. The couple was married only on November 3 this year, but had been frequently quarreling since then.

“They had been fighting even on their honeymoon in Singapore,” Amit’s sister Trisha Verma said. The match had been fixed through marriage portal
“She had very high BP and would abuse Amit over the slightest of issues.

He would only tell her to calm down and would assure us that he would handle her peacefully. She was undergoing treatment for her high BP,” said Trisha.

Ashok also accused police of being slow in reacting to Shivani’s calls for help. “My daughter called the police control room number three-four times before police called back to ask for her address,” he told Deccan Herald. A senior police officer refuted the allegation.

Before calling police, Shivani had made several attempts to reach her own family members.

“She called me at 4 am but I could not receive the call as my phone was kept in another room. She then called her mother, her sister, brother-in-law and finally the maid, but no one could receive her calls,” said Ashok.

Different versions
Amit’s mother Chandrakanta’s version of the incident was different. She claims to have woken up at 2 am to visit the toilet, only to find her door locked from the outside. Her mobile phone too was missing.

“I called out to Amit and Shivani, but there was no response. The only sounds I heard were of some footsteps,” she said.

She tried to break the door using metal items in the room. Her room’s door bore marks of incessant efforts gone into the futile exercise.

Unable to visit the toilet, the 58-year-old woman was left with no choice but to dirty the room.

“If my brother hanged himself, why was his body found on the floor? He was about 85 kilos. The fan should have fallen due to his weight, but it is intact. It is likely that Shivani killed my brother before making a failed attempt to kill herself,” she alleged.

Pointing to an open balcony through which police later entered the house, the family also suspected the role of more people.