'I prefer serious roles'

'I prefer serious roles'

packed schedule

'I prefer serious roles'

The year has just kicked off but actor Jayaram Karthik’s schedule is already packed. He, however, is excited about his upcoming films.

Having recently signed Hemanth Hegde’s ‘Mathome Shh’, the actor talks about his role in the thriller. “I’ll be playing the lead character in the film. I’m an ornithologist and I meet the other two, Vijay (Suriya) and Hemanth (who will also be acting in the movie), as the story commences. My character is also a sharp shooter and the movie is a murder mystery that is much like Upendra’s ‘Shhh!’,” he says.

The ‘Ashwini Nakshtra’ actor continues, “There is a lot of suspense in the film and the audience will be on the edge of their seats till the end.”

Why did he choose the script? “I found the climax of the story impressive; it’s subtle yet there are no hiding-behind-the-bushes kind of scenes. I prefer serious roles. My character has some grey shades but until the end you don’t get to know anything about him.”

Although the film stars Samyukta Hornad in a lead role, Jayaram has not been paired opposite anyone. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a heroine opposite you. The character you play matters a lot, and I like to work with different genres. There’s a lot of scope for performance in the industry and I’d rather act in a variety of movies than be called a ‘hero’,” he says. In ‘Care of Footpath 2’ as well, another movie that is set for release this year, he plays the solo lead. “In ‘Care of Footpath 2’, I play a negative role. I play an inspector who has grey shades from one angle but then, you need to look at the story from his side as well. The movie is about child juvenile justice and has come out really well.” It is a bilingual film - Kannada and Hindi - and will see Jayaram’s entry into Hindi cinema.

He also has another bilingual film, ‘Chandrika’ coming out, which will be made in Kannada and Telegu. “‘Chandrika’ is a horror film and I have two heroines starring opposite me - the character of my wife and my girlfriend.”

The enthusiastic actor says, “I love acting, whether it’s in television or movies. Wherever there is scope for a good performance, I would like to give it my best. I appreciate actors like Naseeruddin Shah because they have done so many roles. I would like to follow in the footsteps of those people.”

But he plans to take a break from movies for a month. “I want to concentrate on Celebrity Cricket League and my TV show,” he ends.