Party will benefit from Kiran: Dhir

Party will benefit from Kiran: Dhir

In his battle against Congress candidate Tarvinder Singh Marwah and AAP’s Praveen Kumar, the BJP’s candidate M S Dhir are prepared to launch an aggressive campaign on Sunday.

With the BJP at the Centre, it will be an easy win in the Assembly elections, Dhir tells Ritwika Mitra.

In the last Assembly elections, Dhir had won from the Jangpura constituency after being fielded from the Aam Aadmi Party.  He had defeated Marwah by a margin of 1,744 votes.

Now that the nominations are over, when are you planning to start campaigning? Will your family members be also involved in the process?

In the past few days, I have been trying to gauge the mood of voters by meeting them on and off. But the formal campaigns will start Sunday onwards. I am planning to go for door-to-door campaigns and also padyatras. Yes, both my family members and friends will accompany me during the campaigning.

What is high on the agenda for the upcoming polls?

Parking space is a major problem in areas under this constituency. We have to create enough parking space and resolve the existing problem. In some areas, sewer problems exist.

Though some of the problems have been seen to, a lot still remains to be done. We also have to improve the water supply in some areas, especially the villages under Jangpura constituency.

What did you achieve when you were elected in the last polls?

The supply of electricity was successfully upgraded. Bhogal suffered from electricity problems before. But now the issue has been resolved. The roads of Sarai Kale Khan have also been improved. Despite a lot of work in terms of improving roadways, we need to focus more on that aspect.

As a BJP candidate, how difficult or easy will it be for you to make an impact in your constituency?

In the previous elections, the scenario was quite different. The party (referring to Aam Aadmi Party) was not very well-known among voters and we had to work hard. Even this time, we have to work equally hard while preparing for the elections. But with the BJP at the Centre and (Narendra) Modi as a popular face, it will be easier to make an impact. People are already acquainted with Modi’s ideologies.

Will Kiran Bedi’s joining the BJP put the party in an advantageous position?

Bedi is an honest and talented person. She was also the first woman IPS. With a person like her in the party and especially as the Chief Ministerial candidate, the BJP will definitely benefit.