A scion takes his celluloid bow

A scion takes his celluloid bow

A scion takes his celluloid bow

Kannada (U)
Cast: Vinay Rajkumar, Apoorva Arora, Ashish Vidyarthi, Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani
Director: Prakash

Sandalwood’s third generation has stepped into tinsel town. The first family’s scion is taking his celluloid bow with Siddhartha. However, the much-hyped launch vehicle, helmed by Prakash, is a letdown.

Youthful it is. Promising as well, its template rather tantalising. However, Prakash, pursuing the oft-taken path, turns Siddhartha into a pedestrian exercise. The film simply runs aground the last half hour with the director losing the plot, and his ideas, on how to ensure his hero gets the girl.

Much was expected, in that, here was a chance for the makers to redeem themselves in setting a welcome trend given the incumbent Vinay Rajkumar has already been anointed with the moniker Youth Star and he comes from such an illustrious pedigree.

However, the film, a routine campus cupid caper, turns insufferable with fights and songs galore, and an excuse of a plot. Revolving around Siddhartha aka Siddu, a carefree, casanova strummer, the film seeks to drive home the homily that love birds must provide breathing space in their relationship.

That trust should be the thread around which they need to stitch their romance. However, Siddhartha, in the company of bosom buddies, playing gully cricket and downing pints by the dozen, feels suddenly constricted in the company of Kushi, an art student, who believes in cent per cent commitment.

How their tumultuous love turns into a see-saw battle of trust and mistrust forms the fulcrum of the movie. Told in a lackadaisical fashion, the film sinks into the pitfalls of its own creation.

Even if one wishes to be kind, an aspiring Vinay Rajkumar needs to do a lot of homework and hone his skills. Apoorva Arora, on the other hand, comes across as a promising find.
May be we should give the boy the break he seeks in the movie. Who knows he may come good like his uncles and illustrious grandfather, the iconic Dr Rajkumar. Here’s wishing him well.