Tiwari flatters Bedi 'didi' in roadshow

Tiwari flatters Bedi 'didi' in roadshow

Kiran Bedi’s roadshow in Timarpur on Tuesday gave BJP MP Manoj Tiwari an opportunity to share the same stage with the BJP CM candidate.

The Bhojpuri singer used the opportunity to the brim to make up for his earlier dissent against Bedi’s sudden entry into the party.

Tiwari sang Bedi’s praises and apologised by making several direct and indirect references to reports of his dissent against her.

Bedi was throughout warm in her response.
Soon after Bedi’s induction into the party a few days ago, Tiwari was quoted saying the party needed a leader, not a thanedaar (policewoman).

Tiwari was pulled up by the party after which he had downplayed his comment and said he welcomed Bedi.

On Tuesday, Tiwari stood beside her on the open jeep during the roadshow and flattered her throughout.

On one occasion, he covered Bedi with a dupatta when she expressed discomfort from smoke emanating from bursting of crackers by party workers.

At another occasion, he carefully picked out flower petals from her hair.
Having arrived in Mukherjee Nagar – from where the roadshow began – at least half an hour before Kiran Bedi, Tiwari had begun setting the stage for portraying a good rapport with Bedi.

“I have upset you people sometimes. But I am a human being and capable of making mistakes. But I will rectify those mistakes,” he told the gathering.

His efforts were visible as he began praising “Bedi didi” immediately after she climbed up the open jeep. “Modi ke baad Bedi (Bedi after Modi)” he repeatedly chanted.

On several occasions, he guided Bedi’s waving hands in the direction of public watching from the  balconies.

“Some people have been trying to pit me against Bedi didi. But they do not know that I am her fan since her ‘Krane Bedi’ days,” he told public.

Bedi responded warmly, taking his hands in hers.
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