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The apt app

In a tech-savvy era, one of the keys that has made lives easier and less taxing is the numerous amount of mobile apps. There are apps ranging from health, education, safety, agriculture and sometimes, even to find one’s soulmate.

As they are all available on the phone, they have made the hectic life of people much faster and easier — with needs being addressed at the click of a button.

Youngsters talk to ‘Metrolife’ on how apps have helped them finish their tasks faster and have bolstered their productivity, while on the other hand, how they have also made them tech-dependent as they constantly fiddle with the apps. 
Tech smart

Lakshmi, a second-year student of CBM from Mount Carmel College, says that makers and creators of apps are booming like never before. “Creating a mobile app seems like an extremely popular business venture. There are many start-ups in the City today and most of them deal with making mobile apps. These are great marketing techniques about certain core business ideas. Building a mobile app from scratch is extremely creative, innovative and market-friendly.”

Quick fix

Anam, a second-year student of business management from Mount Carmel College, says that she loves to use mobile apps and is a frequent user of  ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Viber’ and ‘Instagram’. “They have made communication easy and really quick, especially ‘Viber’ and ‘Buddy Buzz’ for international calls. They are better than social media sites.

However, if one is not careful, they tend to get too dependent on these applications. Mobile apps are like necessary evils––too much of this can turn out to be bad.”

Use and reuse

Bharth Govindrajan from The Oxford College of Business Management says, “Since I work out and am interested in fitness and health-related aspects, I mostly use many health apps to find out about diet routines, tips and other health-related facts.

There are apps that fulfill what I exactly need, which makes my life easier. I also use ‘SoundCloud’, an app where I can listen to music for free and many gaming apps. Apart from fun mobile apps, there are apps that I use to schedule my timetables and keep a count of my college-related work.” 

Easy way

Aparna Raturi from The Oxford College of Law says, “Apps have made things much easier. Apps complement websites, every website has an app now and once it’s downloaded, you get all the information you require faster and more conveniently. I mostly like using the photo editing apps where I can modify my photographs. Once I modify the photo, I upload them onto other social networking apps.”

To each his own

Arjun Raj, a civil engineering student of Global Academy of Technology, says that he uses mobile apps for different reasons, such as to researching the best restaurants on ‘Zomato’ or to fiddle with different gaming apps. “I also use a few health-related apps to trace my diet and fitness. In the beginning, I selected my apps based on a trial and error method but I usually go for the ones which have the best reviews and ratings. As I use many apps now, I know which ones to rely on. Not every app out there is authentic. ”

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