Transgender Lili contests to secure identity for her community

Transgender Lili contests to secure identity for her community

Transgender Lili contests to secure identity for her community

For more than 250 transgenders residing in Sultanpur Majhra, Ramesh Kumar Lili has become a source of inspiration, not because of her resolve to contest the upcoming Delhi assembly polls but give an identity to her community who for long have been treated as castaways.

The 52-year-old Lili, who had made her electoral debut in the 2013 assembly elections and lost from Mangolpuri, is contesting as an independent candidate against Prabhu Dayal from BJP, Jai Kishan from Congress and Sandeep Kumar from AAP.

She starts out early in the morning in her decked up tempo which carries photos of Lili with folded hands and posters of Indian Samajwadi Shakti Party for which she claims to be campigning for along with few people chanting slogans in her support.

She makes her presence felt in her constituency as she speaks on the loudspeaker urging residents to vote for her.

"You have seen men leaders, you have seen women leaders. This time vote for me, a 'kinnar' and see the difference," she appeals.

Lili also goes out on door-to-door visits where she meets families and explains them the agenda on the basis of which she is fighting the polls.

For Lili, her objectives are clear. She wants to work for the upliftment of the poor and marginalised section of the people, check inflation, create employment and bust the prejudices against her community.

"The present-day politicians have their own interests to serve after getting elected. But I have no spouse or children for whom I would try to collect wealth. I want to do my bit for poor and also want to secure the rights of my community. I want to bust the myths and prejudices against my community.

"We are counted in the category of 'others' but I am a person like any other man or woman. I want my identity. I am a transgender," Lili told PTI.

Asked how confident she is of her victory, the transgender says confidently, "Whether I win or lose, it does not matter. What matters is that I have created a space for my community."

Of the total 673 candidates contesting elections this time, Lili is the only transgender contestant.