'It has been a long struggle'

'It has been a long struggle'

'It has been a long struggle'

Pooja Gandhi-starrer ‘Abhinetri’ has just released and the actress doesn’t think twice before saying that she is a bundle of nerves. 

“Although, I’ve been working towards the release of the film, I‘ve been very anxious about its outcome. I know nothing is in my hands but I still get the jitters,” says Pooja. 

The film is inspired by the life of yesteryear actress Kalpana. “It has been an emotionally draining process but I’ve enjoyed every bit of the character. I don’t think that I will ever be able to play a character like this for a long time,” says Pooja. 

She prefers to call the film a tribute to all women because the story is about the life of a simple woman who worked her way up to the top.

 “It wasn’t an easy climb for actress Kalpana. The director’s well-researched script has captured the smallest of details in Kalpana’s life. I have tried my best to bring all those emotions on screen,” she reasons.   

Talking more about the character, she says, “I’ve tried to step into Kalpana’s shoes and feel what she would have felt at that moment. 

   The trauma and hopelessness is unmatched. And now, after I’ve spent so much time emoting the character that I find the whole process very rewarding. It will take me sometime to get over the character,” she states. 

Pooja recollects that she began acting in her early teens and is now 12 years into the profession. She wants to give back to the Kannada film industry all that she has taken from it.

‘Abhinetri’ is her first production and Pooja says, “There’s so much that I’ve seen and learnt from the industry in the last few years. When I heard the script of ‘Abhinetri’, I didn’t think twice before deciding to produce it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime role and I decided to do it myself. It has been a long struggle but I have no complaints,” she says.