A meaty treat

A meaty treat

A meaty treat

If you are a hard-core non-vegetarian who loves ‘shawarma’ and kebabs, ‘Savoury’ in Frazer Town is the place to be. The small place, that was mainly known for its ‘shawarmas’, has now grown to become one of the biggest restaurants in the City.

A very pocket-friendly restaurant, it offers a variety of Arabic cuisine and it’s ‘shawarma’ is the most sought-after by foodies. 

With a cosy ambience, the restaurant offers Arabian starters including ‘al-faham dajaj’, ‘BBQ chicken’, ‘laham sheek’ and ‘laham tikka’ (mutton), delicious prawns and many more.

The Arabian style mutton biryani is the high point of the place and has the customers drooling. One can choose from a variety of ‘shawarma’ like the ‘Mexican shawarma’, ‘Arabian shawarma’, ‘paratha shawarma’ along with some yummy ‘hummus falafel’. 

Even when it comes to ‘biryani’, there are a range of options like ‘Qbsa biryani’, ‘Mandhi, ‘koji’, ‘mutton raan biryani’ and ‘jumbo fish biryani’. The Arabian ‘laham’ curries including the ‘laham kheema’ and ‘kibda’ make for the perfect non-vegetarian meal. The veggies too can hog on some Arabian style veg curries along with veg sizzlers. 

The restaurant also serves Indian and Chinese cuisine including the ‘tandoori chicken’, rice items, ‘chopsuey’ and noodles. For a quick bite, one can opt for the different types of breads, burgers and snack rolls. For those with a sweet tooth, the ‘falooda’ in four different flavours, is a must-try. 

Savoury is located at 27, Mosque Road, Near Haji Sir Ismail Sait Mosque, Frazer Town. For details, call 49336333.