CGF dismisses reports

Reacting to reports doubting capital’s security plans, CGF president Michael Fennell said in a statement that all those concerns were “ill informed” and security planning for the Games was firmly on track.

“The CGF regards the safety and security of the Games, for athletes and spectators alike, as being of paramount importance and of the highest priority,” Fennell said.
He said the CGF had full trust in its security advisor Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd (IR), which has vast Commonwealth, Olympic and multi-sport games experience.

“A number of recent media reports on Games’ security come from comments by those who have not worked on any aspect of security planning for the Games, and do not have any knowledge of the detailed plans across all aspects being put in place by local authorities.
“In contrast, IR is deeply involved with all levels of the security plan, and its analysis is being undertaken by operatives with senior command or managerial experience in major international events,” Fennall said. “We value view, which is, that the Indian authorities are working well, with appropriate resources being provided,” Fennell added.

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