You are never weak in God's sight

A great musician was once conducting an orchestra rehearsal. To his command, the scores of violinists, and guitarists, drummers and pianists and every fine instrument resounded through the air.

While the orchestra was on, a piccolo player nestled between the galaxy of musicians and music instruments thought “What am I, a small, insignificant piccolo player doing in this mighty orchestra of such great players?” Disappointed, he stopped playing his piccolo. Within a second, the great musician thundered a mighty “Stop” and asked, “Where is that piccolo player? Why did he stop playing?”

What a heart-rending, joyful experience for the piccolo player to know that even his tiny little instrument was being heard by the conductor.

You may be working in a large corporate house, a factory or a school, or living in a religious community or may be part of a large family where you may not be noticed. Maybe nobody says thanks for the meals you cook or the pay packet you bring home. Maybe nobody appreciates your performance at the office or the extra mile you walk for someone. When others don’t recognise your work or your worth, think of yourself as the piccolo player in God’s great orchestra of life.

Don’t stop playing. God is watching. If you allow discouragement to stop you from playing, you affect the whole orchestra of life. You are important. You are necessary. You are God’s masterpiece. The great violinist Nicolo Paganini began playing at a concert. A string snapped. Then the second and the third string, too, snapped. The audience was dismayed. There was silence. Then Paganini spoke “Just one string and Paganini” and he played a masterpiece remembered for all times.

God chose Moses, a man with a speech impediment, to lead the people of Israel out of Egyptian slavery (Exodus 4:1-0-16). God chose the little shepherd boy David to be the King of Israel (I Samuel 16:12). God chose the timid and fearful Gideon to lead an army against the Midianites (Judges 8:4-21). Jesus appreciated the two copper coins of the widow more than the bags of money dumped in the temple treasury (Mark12:41-44). Jesus noticed Zacchaeus, almost a dwarf, sitting on a tree (Luke 19:1-10) and visited his home. Antonio, a sculptor, chipped away at a stone and could do nothing with it. So he tossed it away. Later Michelangelo took it and carved one of the greatest statues of all times – the statue of David.

So think of yourself as a chip of stone in the hands of God the sculptor of your life. Think of yourself as the piccolo player in orchestra of God the great conductor. Don’t be discouraged. God chooses ordinary people for extraordinary things. God chooses the weak and makes them strong. He does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

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