Poetry in motion

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Poetry in motion

It’s not everyday one ‘sees the sound’ and ‘hears the movement’ but the Switzerland-born contemporary dance group, ‘Compagnie Linga’, makes this possible. Their precise moves, effortless yet accurate, belies their motive and the audience’s eyes roves from their graceful steps to the wireless pieces attached to their body. 

‘Compagnie Linga’ has been changing the way dance has been read and understood since the past 20 years. They combine movement and technology in the interface of dance in lieu to re-examine the limitations placed on the body.

The dancers wear an instrument which records the electrical impulses and transforms movement to sound. The information sent by the accelerometers, gyro-meters and electrodes are collected into a medical software, representing the information into a graphic form.

The data is worked out to pull the most relevant information — from a musical point of view — before being sent to a second programme transforming it into signals. The signals are finally sent into an audio software where the sounds used during the performance is stocked into the light desk.

The wireless, physiological monitoring devices equipping the dancers and an interactive system of impulses produced by movements and muscular activity are sent through digital programming to create the soundtrack of the piece or influencing stage light.

 Choreographed  by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo and supported by ‘Swissnex India and Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council’ and ‘Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts’, the group has performed in the City, enthralling the audience with this concept. The performance, titled, ‘Re-mapping the body’ took place at different parts of the City.

Doesn’t it seem uncomfortable? “No, the instrument is quite small, don’t worry,” laughs Marco, whose dream was always to explore body movements. Marco, who has performed in various cities finds India extremely exciting.

“There is so much going on every second that it’s overwhelming and insane. I was part of a great workshop where I met many dancers and its really exciting to be here. I haven’t had the time to see much of Indian contemporary dance but of what little I saw, it’s interesting to see how youngsters combine traditional form of dances to modern art,” he says. This new experience has excited him and Marco says he would love to come back to India at any given opportunity. He is currently touring around his hometown and China, where he has a lineup of many contemporary dance shows.

For Marco, these devices come in handy. They are used in sports to treat people during injuries and enhance the performance of the body and this is what drove him to start this choreographic venture. “My wife and I tour all over the world to promote this concept, the use of technology in dance. Understanding the links between the sound and the body is a relatively new concept but is important and another small step in the discovery of dance,” says Marco.

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